About Us

My name is Thomas G. Shamblin II, a third generation painter. I am the founder and president of Faux World Studio, which is a division of Tom Shamblin Painting Inc. This company is known in Wichita and the metro area for quality and knowledge in the paint coatings field, and has been working in this area for 17 years. Faux Finishing is a technique that was used by many of the old master artist and continues to be used today. When faux finishes were reborn as sponging and ragging, we seen the need to learn more about this so that our company could meet our customers needs and wants. We have attended many Decorative Faux Artisan Training’s to assist in complimenting our creative faux finish talents. As distributors, we continue to explore many areas of faux finish products & training; adding knowledge to our experience in the painting industry.

With our years of Painting and Construction experience, we are the go to choice for many commercial and residential painting needs.  Our team of professional painters will be able to come into any size of job and handle it from start to finish.  We know the importance of being able to communicate your ideas, and we take the necessary time it takes to ensure we understand each of clients.  This approach allows our clients ultimate satisfaction, and our superior painting services compliment our customer service mentality.  We are there for our clients from the design process, to the completed project, and would love to assist you on your next painting project.  Please fill out our online form, or give us a call today to learn how we can transform your dream project into a reality.